About Dark Heritage

The Central feature of Dark Heritage is The DARK Installation

When you enter The DARK you enter a pitch black space where a powerful and dramatic three dimensional soundscape immerses you in a story set in the dark days of the 18th century when British ships and British finance controlled the global slave trade. In The DARK your eyes are no use to you - instead, you will need to rely on your ears, your imagination and your courage to find your way through the narrative. The resulting experience is a stimulating mixture of the exciting, the challenging and the scary, and an encounter with our heritage that dramatically illuminates a particularly harrowing aspect of the slave trade.

A Dark Heritage workshop being tested at Kingswood Primary School in London

Photographs Alex Braun, May 2007

The Dark Heritage tour will be the first time that The DARK will be offered to the public supported by specially produced creative educational activities. The Dark Heritage activities are bookable and will be offered free of charge to the general public, school groups and community groups.

The DARK was conceived and produced by Terry Braun & Gabi Braun in collaboration with the writer Maria Oshodi and composer Rob Godman. The DARK was created by Braunarts for Culture Online and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport © 2004.

The DARK was one of Braunarts’ most successful cultural projects, mixing interactive dramatic narrative with digital media. During 2004/2005 the installation toured museums and galleries in London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Liverpool. Please see The DARK website for more information.