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Carole Souter, Director of the Heritage Lottery Fund:

"Dark Heritage is a truly innovative and imaginative project which will help people of all ages to learn about the slave trade and its abolition in a sensitive and practical way. Bee Art's installation is the 100th bicentenary project that the Heritage Lottery Fund has supported and we were particularly impressed with its strong educational strand and desire to bring out many of the hidden histories of those who were involved in the abolition movement."

Heather Mayfield, Deputy head of the Science Museum:

"The DARK was the first interactive media work to be displayed in the Science Museum's new building, the Dana Centre. It gave us a real boost in attracting young adult audiences and helped to establish us as a science venue that shows multi-media art for a non-specialist audience. It engendered real dialogue for our visitors as a powerful and thought provoking work. We are proud to have been the first venue for The DARK."


Sara Cridland, Thinktank Museum, Birmingham:

"The DARK has been a fantastic addition to Thinktank. Sitting in the entrance of the Millennium Point building The DARK entices the widest possible groups of people and provides a thrilling and totally unique experience.

The visitor comments book shows that it has provoked visitors into the widest range of emotions and feelings. These include an appreciation of the insights into the era of slavery, recognition of the courage that it takes to move and make decisions in complete darkness and the extraordinary feelings that complete sound immersion in the dark leaves with visitors."

Gini Rodgers, Magna Science Adventure Centre, Sheffield:

"The DARK was the first project of its kind to be offered to Magna visitors and we were delighted with the response it received, appealing to a younger audience as well as art enthusiasts.

We've had fabulous feedback from our visitors and feel extremely privileged to have been a venue for the DARK as well as being given the opportunity to work with Gabi and Terry on such an exciting and relevant project."

Ian Brown, Albert Dock Company:

"We are delighted to have been able to assist Braunarts in bringing this exciting attraction to Liverpool. As the city's most historic maritime complex, Albert Dock provides an ideal location for The Dark, complementing perfectly the Merseyside Maritime Museum's Transatlantic Slavery Gallery."

Tony Lloyd MP for Greater Manchester:

I am delighted that Dark Heritage has come to The Zion Arts Centre in Manchester at the end of its national tour. It's important that the progress made in 2007 in widening people's awareness of transatlantic slavery is carried on in 2008 following the end of the commemorative year of the abolition of the slave trade act in 1807 In the end it's the inhumanity of slavery and the humanity of the slaves that we are remembering."

Hermione Eyre, Independent on Sunday:

"That's the beauty of this simple and effective installation: YOU create all the drama and all the horror."

Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times Culture section:

"The obvious point about this installation is that it's art.... The effect is scary and disorientating.... People hallucinate and lose track of time."

Nick Raynsford MP for Greenwich & Woolwich:

"As we mark the 200th anniversary of the British Parliament's historic decision to abolish the slave trade, it is appropriate to remind today's young people of the harsh and shocking realities of slavery. So I am delighted to welcome Dark Heritage to Greenwich at the start of it's tour."

Katy Morris, 24 Hour Museum:

"The installation gives visitors a chance to discover how sounds influence their imagination."











Banner statement: A participatory learning experience designed to deepen young people’s understanding of slavery